STRIKE!… That’s a good thing! / Courtney Melonas


The end of 2016 (October-December) squished me down, rolled me up, and bowled with me! Wow! I feel like I scored a 100 point STRIKE, but I’m so dizzy and rocked that I’m not sure what really happened! What a rush. During those past three months SO much happened in way of Lux Aeterna Photography that I am still dizzily only now finding my grounding. There is one “thing” that happened in October that has kept me on the ground, however (though still rolling a bit): Courtney Melonas (who is not a thing, but a person).

Courtney is Lux Aeterna’s newest team member! Some call her my personal assistant, others our office manager, secretary, old friend, schedule-manager, client-services… personally, I call her… well, I call her all the time! She runs my calendar, communicates with clients, serves people, loves on people, strategizes with me to make our company the best experience a bride, a groom, a “MOB”, best-man, maid-of-honor, curious onlooker, could have! She edits my messy words and literally keeps me MOVING.  (more…)

Holden & Andrea / Engagement Session / Pasadena, CA


Holden & Andrea are getting married this year… their wait is almost over.
They have built their lives together to serve one another, to raise a family, and to enjoy one another through the trials, joys, and changes of the days.
I am so excited for their wedding, and so happy to be the storyteller of their love.

These engagement photos were taken in Pasadena, and Santa Anita, California



Santa Monica, CA / Engagement Session / Billy & Ani / MY FAMILY!! :D

Man, family is the best 🙂

I absolutely, TOTALLY, love to photograph all of my clients (whom usually turn out to be friends, so I call them “Client-Friends”…) because engagement and marriage is wonderful, it’s beautiful and it’s fun. But when I get to have that experience with my FAMILY, I feel immensly blessed. I get to see all the familiar quarks and personality traits that I know so well and love, and capture them on camera to be held forever. We can have fun and totally be ourselves (except for our grumpyselves… I don’t allow much room for grumpy… which is plenty “natural” to most of us, but not quite as pretty 😉 )

Billy & Ani will be uniting in marriage together in a few SHORT weeks, and myself and my Ferrara family will be by their sides. I can’t say too much more here, because I’ve gotta save it for the toast! 😉

Billy and Ani:



Stefany & Romulo / Wedding Day / Le Chene Agua Dulce, CA


Stafany & Romolo
Wed one another – after years of friendship and love – in a sweet and classic day of celebration.
Nothing but friendship, family, loyalty and elegance were present as these two walked into “forever” together.

There was softness, and real serenity to their union. Romulo’s eyes were locked on his bride, and Stefany was not for a moment without a smile or laugh of delight.
What particularly stood out to me was a sort of adoring awe in the eyes of each of their dearest companions. Kelly and Allen put no less than the entirity of hearts and full strength of their hands into the effort of service and care for the bride and groom. It was beautiful loyalty and love.

So with sweet remembrance and fond memory:

Stafany & Romulo’s Wedding Day:
(To watch with music, scroll to the bottom!)

Venue: Le Chene French Restaurant & Venue
Hair & Makeup: The A List at Indo Salon



Sonia & John / Wedding Day / Orange County Mining Co., CA


Sonia & John are native Southern California lovers. After knowing each other and sharing a friendship for decades, they unite in marriage in a bright, fun, and laughter-filled wedding. This little preview shows only a few favorite highlights of their celebration.

To watch their wedding day with music, scroll to the bottom!

Orange County Mining Company



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