A Diamond in the Grind…Tierra’s Epic High School Senior Shoot


I am a wedding photographer…….
BUT have on many grand occasions had the pleasure to work in a totally different realm of photography, and I am SO pumped to reveal this project today!….

I used to consider myself a total adventurer, and then I married a real adventurer and am now proud to say I am the WIFE of a total adventurer…
Tommy and I are also, among many other things, rock climbers, and we are both teachers to high schoolers; Tommy officially, and myself unofficially.
SO, bringing these identities together, and TIERRA KELLEY’s Project emerges.

Tierra is one of Tommy’s students from his time teaching at Highland High School, and has become one of his rock climbing students (or his “climbing protégé” as he prefers to call her). She is “one of the good ones”, as we like to say; the kinda person you know is “gonna make it” in life. Her ambition is only matched by her bright smile, and unconfined laughter.

Smart, a little sassy, and covered with support and praise from her family and friends, Tierra is kicking down the doors of her future, and ending high school without a grudge. “Climbing up to her future”, as her Dad put it sentimentally during our shoot, and she’s climbing more thing than just rock walls.

My passion for photography blends here with my love for adventure, and Tierra’s young ambitious expressions filled my heart to the brim, for there is nothing that fuels my own fire like witnessing teenage inspiration and courage.

Well done Tierra. Tommy and I are so excited for you, and can’t wait to see what you finish next  What a blast this shoot was!


*Select “HD”

*Watch it “Full Screen” 😉

*Watch it Loud

*Be Inspired*



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