Mountain Mini Engagement Session / Beautiful Design / Groveland, CA

I am being changed…

The more time I spend with couples, the more I have started the see them inside-out. I look back at my photos and want to somehow ask them to not just turn this way and that, but to open their skin, show their beating heart, hold out the soul of their partner in their hand, and reveal the tingling nerves that runs through their toes when they’re together…

Relationship—something utterly immaterial and invisible—is the most beautiful thing to behold. But guess what – you can’t see it with your eyes! So what is really happening when you look at couples in their 2D form?

What is beautiful about a touch, a glance, and glow-about-a-person in a photo? It’s the way it makes YOU feel, and those feelings will tell you a lot about yourself… It’s the passion, joy, hurt, fear, anxiety, hope, longing, suffering, and memory that you experience. It’s your experience with Love… Should cause you to stop and explore where you stand with Love…?

My love and joy for photographing couples is fasting increasing (even after nearly 10 years of it!). I love marriage and am passionate about what it stands for, what it means, and what it takes! I want people to see togetherness. To value a need for others, and a rejection of solitude and autonomy. There is simplicity in a physical touch or a squeeze, but there is great profundity in a choice to be together, and even more difficulty, the choice to NOT be alone.

Cheers to two new very dear friends of mine, AJ & Lori
Forever togetherness to come in just two short months.







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