An Important Story / An Imporant Man / For Anthony…

I met a man today named Anthony.

He is sad. When I asked his name he cried. When I touched his hand he cried.

He was not where I normally would be; infact, he was off the road I travel home.

I passed him by.

I turned my thought of him away. And then was carried back by an act of love.

The man said he knew the path toward home, but could not go. He said he had many friends, but deemed them foes. He said he wanted Cheerios.

The prodigal son longed for his mother, but had shut the door, and he knew that his house was built upon the sand — “I grasp at straws,” “I want children…” “I want a house… but I wear masks which hide me from Love…”

He fought the cords of his soul.

“I don’t want bread, I don’t need water, I don’t want shoes or place to stay!”

He wept, and he drooled. He bled, and he faced the sky for an answer to break his pride.

“I just want to pass.”

The man had wandered and waited. He ached and pondered. He longs for a chance…

My God came here too, to this world and wandered and walked, but never, not once, without treasure in His soul.

Anthony, you’re almost home. You are not so far as you think. You are not so far as many. You posses treasures from heaven:
The treasues are fear, longing, and HOPE.

This photo shoot was produced in honor of this man, Anthony, who I will never see again, but by God’s grace. He meant more to me than I can tell. These images capture a tiny bit of the memory and feelings I held after meeting Anthony.
Please watch this short film:



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