Lean Not on Your Own Understanding…

Years ago I laid on a hidden lawn, in a far away land, with two beautiful friends of mine, and watched the splendor of God’s creative grace fly over my head. A bright moon formed a silver robe on every dark cloud that passed by its beaming face. A slow whisper came to my ear from my companion who asked how we were to capture such a gift… in my folly, my answer was that there would be many more times, and many more chances…
I was wrong…
What God gives, He means for us to take. Not to squander, not to waste, and never, ever, to forget.
He reminded me of this truth, and of His mercy on a sleepless, cold, windy night when I looked up through tears and saw, again, for the first time in all of these years, the gift that He first granted to me and my friends on that lawn, and I took it, I praised Him for it, and I share it with you now.
More precious than the colors, the shapes, and the beauty, is the lesson — Heed God’s goodness. It is perfectly formed and fashioned in the place and time that it is given. Accept His grace, and do not wait.

This post is in honor of my friend, Kimberly:









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