Part I – Lauren & David’s Wedding Day – Camarillo, Ca

Every couple that I meet carries in them something special. I start to see it when I first meet them, and the bride begins to tell me about her groom. I see a little more when we enjoy spending time together at the engagement shoot, but when their day finally comes-on the day that they wedd-like that glistening sun glare through the trees when one rides over a hill to see the ocean, or a wide open valley–it all opens up and becomes clear. That something special is finally born in full life. I see it when they stand at the alter together and give each other that glance of confidence, glee, and deep- seeded excitement.
At Lauren & David’s wedding these two really became one, and they really became their own. Their personalities were bursting at the seem, and they blended together flawlessly. Their families came around them, their friends sang in support, and the church witnessed and declared the goodness of God over them with hymn and anthem.
I was SO blessed to see this couple enjoy each other, enjoy their families, enjoy their friends, but more than ANYTHING else, they totally enjoyed the thrill of God’s good gifts to them. Not a moment was wasted without a smile, a ‘thank you’, a tear, or a hug.
God bless you two, and may your ministry and love expound all the more.

















Venue: Maravilla Gardens
Makeup & Hair: Kacie Lynn Hengler
Cake: Briana Steadman
Flowers: Esther Chua
Dress: David’s Bridal

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