Your California Florist – House of Flowers

During any season of the year I cannot get enough of a great flower shop, and I found one!  I often like to poke my head in to greet my friends at a great shop downtown Bakersfield called House of Flowers. What is more delightful to me than the aroma of this adorable little shop are the pleasant smiles and ‘hello!’s from my friends Amanda and her mom Diana.
Last week when I stopped in for a little refreshment I asked Amanda how she was and she replied in serene contentment, “Oh, just living a life of flowers!”
Amanda loves what she does, and it shows in her unique work, her skill, and her un-edging energy in producing all that she does. These two ladies know flowers and weddings, but what is most impressive about them is that they know everyone too! Do not meet them unless you plan on gain them as friends for time to come.
If you are planning a wedding in California, give my friends at House of Flowers a call. I know that you want to hire someone that you “know”, and as soon as you have one conversation with these ladies you will know them, and they will know you. Trustworthy, skilled, and so great to work with, I highly recommend House of Flowers as your wedding florist.

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