My Friend JC the DJ

Some people just know how to carry on a FUN conversation. They get you, they make you laugh, they value your friends, and they make you feel good. You don’t know how they know so much about you or why you have not been friends your whole life, but you plan to be for a long time to come. JC is this guy. JC and his son Anthony are “Bakersfield’s premier father-son DJ team” with All Sound Music. JC has been doing DJ and MC work for over 30 years–which is a little shocking at first because you would be sure that he isn’t a day older than 35 (your welcome JC). JC has made it his goal with All Sound Music to create great difficulty in losing friends. Once you get together with JC you will get together with him again. He is like the living version of that crispy chip slogan, “betcha can’t eat just one!” And JC will bring that same bright smile to your face time and time again.

If you want your wedding day experience to be full of these feelings, full of laughs, and full of rich memories send an invite to JC and Anthony. He will coat the room with romance and laughter, and will keep you smiling long after the night has ended.

My friend JC:

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