A picture is worth a thousand words… but what are those words?
Emilee Hegg

I don’t always know what to say! True inspiration will draw out the words that bring meaning and purpose to whatever someone devotes time and energy to. Inspiration is “to be aroused to such a degree whereby one is stimulated to action.” Last year around this time a gracious creative named Emilee Hegg taught me how to harness true inspiration for personal fulfillment and business success.
Her advice is now coming back to me while I am resting in thoughts about someone, and some things that have truly inspired me this week.
On Saturday afternoon, after a long week and a delightful berry-and-whipped-cream-covered-1:00pm pancake breakfast, my boyfriend Tommy and I zoomed up the freeway to hit the mountains — our favorite place in life. We were bound for a very special occasion. Our ‘little sister’ was entering the Joshua Wilderness Institute at Hume Lake where she would be left for twelve months to seek a deeper love and faith in God. Her name is Chandler.
Chandler entered this program after watching her favorite big brother (a.k.a. Tommy) complete the program seven years earlier. The devotion of this young girl, her faith, her family’s faith, their love for her, and the crisp air and bright sky captured me. My eyes are filled with light when I enter into this memory and memories like these. And the inspiration that I have received from rich friendships and beautiful places plunges me into action.


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