Jennifer & Keith…Married…

This is a wedding that I had been looking forward to for a loooong long time ☺. Not only–by shared testimony of many–was it time for Jenn to get hitched with the man of her dreams (at last), but the event itself built a lot of anticipation for me.
Jenn is a great girl that I was able to get to know in college because of my long time friend Erica. Jenn was on my dorm wing along with three of her bridesmaids (one of which was our R.A.). All of these girls have becomes very dear to me, and I have loved watching their close friendships with one another and love for Jenn in particular. I remember the conversations I would have with Jenn and others about (her now husband) Keith. I think I can speak for all of us to say that Keith rightfully saw Jenn as the only girl in the world worthy of his affection, and he didn’t give up until she was his.
This wedding was particularly striking to me in an emotional way too. Maybe it was that there were a lot of my friends around, or maybe it was the uniqueness and sweetness of Jenn herself… There are many images in this album that I tear up over even now, weeks after the wedding day. Jenn has the ability to feel every moment deeply, and it is shone on her face with the most delicate, and illuminant air of expression. I don’t think she knows this about herself, but it was a great joy for me to observe and capture. I will make comment of this throughout the album as you scroll through.

So, on the only rainy day in July, I am pleased to give you my dear friend, Jenn, on her golden wedding day.

Erica ☺ one of my loves… right when she realizes that the joke was on her 😉 (You’re precious my friend).

I think this is my favorite capture of the day. Jenn was so involved, attentive in participation the whole day of her wedding, but it was in the moments surrounding this photos that I saw it the most tenderly. I know Jenn can take life too seriously at times, but her application of heart and desire in these moments was a most precious gift to me to watch. I am photographer for moments like these. And I know that I was one of maybe five who had the opportunity to see her sweet face throughout the whole ceremony, and I have the privilege of sharing it with you… ☺

Personalized vows made many more than Jenn cry through the reading. Her tenderness, enthusiasm, and sincerity warmed the whole residence, and her joy filled every moment.

Right after the ceremony Jenn’s maid-of-honor joined her in the house to congratulate her. I regret that this photo lacks the intensity and preciousness of Jenn’s gaze at her maid-of-honor… She was speechless with excitement and emotions and she turned and grabbed Angela to share this moment with. She communicated a feeling that only someone like a best friend could read off of a look and a smile.

Jenn and Keither waited to get any kissing pictures until after their wedding ceremony. Convenient for all of us was the great little orange orchard just down the street!

The rain didn’t last all day!

Waiting to be announced…

This is my second favorite capture of the day. Jenn was listening to Angela’s toast (which was, as expected, very elegant and well spoken), and she stirred tears up in me by showing on her face her surprise and love for her friend who spoke so highly of her, and spoke of the tremendous treasure that she is. Her expression here is timeless and beautiful…

There’s something significant to me about capturing the sun setting on the day of a couples wedding day. How much more precious when they capture the moments themselves together so sweetly…

My dear friend of 19 years now… what a catch for the eye 😉

My friend…

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