Quincy & Heather, Langlois Or. (Two Rings)

If you have ever been involved at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley Ca, for any time at all, than you would hear and soon know the name Qunicy Lema well. He is very well loved and admired by hundreds of people that he has served and influenced at that church and elsewhere. I met Quincy when I was in high school at our church Bible study where he was one of the staff leaders, and we kept a friendship all the way through my college years.
He soon became like an older brother to me, and I frequently remember talking to Quincy about relationships—mine and his—and thinking to myself how patient he had been to get married, and yet how eager. I don’t think he could have ever imagined coming upon someone like Heather.
Their relationship did begin and sprout very, very quickly, but I heard next to no doubts or negative suggestions about it from anyone that he knew, or from anyone who knew Heather. They fell in love instantly; I believe they couldn’t be better for one another.
Early on in Quincy’s pre-engagement and engagement days, I would talk to him about his dreams, and his plans for his wedding. He had been in so many weddings as a groomsmen himself, I wondered what he hoped his would be like. I was pleased to hear that he had always just assumed that I or my brother (Lukas http://lukasvandyke.com/ ) would take the photos because of how long he had been friends with both of us. I was pleased to oblige ☺. Not only do I have a great care for my older brother Quincy, but I’m a travel junky!
The wedding was to be held in Langlois, Oregon, Heather’s home town. I had never been to Oregon, but if you know anything about me you would know that I’m an outdoors, nature, and adventure addict. I wouldn’t want the wedding to be anywhere else!
Although many of my plans for road tripping it and spending extra time hiking and site seeing were dissolved due to a tight schedule, I was in a dream the whole time I was there.
As a young girl I grew up in love with the ocean and beach trips, after living to Wisconsin for some years throughout my high school days I fell in love with the fields, the valleys, and the quiet hills. And since I have been older and returned to California years ago, my need for adventure and explorations has been found in the heights of mountains, rocks, and huge forests. All that to say, I never felt SO at home in a place so far from home than I did in my 2.5 day visit to Oregon. I was 10 minutes from the beach, in a tall bustling grassy field, surrounded by mountainous evergreens and the smell of thick woods…I fell in love with light, and color because of nature, and there are few places that I have visited that excited me so much.
Well, back to the wedding. I love being a part of friend’s weddings. They always have a closer touch of sweetness, and feel so personal. I loved Heather’s family (both blood family and church family). Everyone honored her name very gracefully, and tempted me to stay in her influence and around the people that she has grown to love and admire as well.
This wedding was a fantastic time for me, and these photos are very close to what I imagine my future wedding to look like some day…

We were all saying during this part of the shoot how we felt as if we were looking into a fairytale story…

The wild blackberries were a week early from being just ripe… but I loved to hear the stories of their romantic walks along this way picking berries together as an unwed couple…

Car’s drove by honking with congratulations…

My greatest regret of the day was that I found this barn only one half hour before the ceremony, and was unable to bring Quincy over for a few more couple photos with his beautiful bride!

“Marriage is like a boat, but not a speed boat, a canoe!…Don’t lose your paddles!” (Very sweet talk by Heather’s grandfather—married himself for 60+ years!—before she was given away by her dad ☺ )

Kyle’s recently married himself…

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