Samantha & Carl’s Wedding Day

Carl and Samantha are a very fine couple.
I met Carl in 2006 at a college Bible study where he was well known and adored for his constant and consistent service to the study and people there. I remember seeing him many Wednesday nights—usually the first one there and the last to leave—and always sitting in the front row during the teaching. His consistency and commitment to participate in what he believes in hasn’t changed a bit over the years.
I only met Sam via facebook when she first told me that she was interested in my photography for her wedding… although, she wasn’t engaged yet… I think she was in excited anticipation.
I absolutely loved being a part of their day together. They have a tender and adorable dynamic as a couple. I most wanted to capture how Carl makes Sam laugh and shine, Sam’s elegant glances and deep eyes, and as many “Carl moments” as I could.
I can say for sure that I missed many of these moments because I was the one caught in the laughter of the moment.
I also need to make a quick note of the decorations and theme of the wedding-the most original I have seen yet, and extremely well done. They made it a “Mad Hatter Tea Party” theme, and their personalities made the whole evening a blast as they played the part. Props to Stephanie, Sam’s sister, who did the planning and organizing for the day.

(See their recently added engagement photos in the previous post)

I couldn’t help but take the many opportunities for some great ring photos, here’s a few…

A “Carl Moment”

Some favorites from the family photos…

Their first kiss…

The party isn’t over until the cake falls down… 😀

One thought on “Samantha & Carl’s Wedding Day

  1. Awww I just LOVE Carl & Sam! These pictures capture their love and personality so beautifully, I couldn’t stop smiling and saying “awww!” as I looked through! Favorites: the first one of Sam walking up to Carl between the trees, their first kiss, and the kissing one that is dark with the palm trees behind them.

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