Juan & Jolene Wedding

Juan and Jolene’s wedding was a living testimony of love and service to me. I got to witness the love displayed in their families coming together, and the love that their local church had for them to bring the whole production together. Bridesmaids surrounded Jolene in the times of nerve and excitement, Juan’s men kept him laughing and standing tall, folks from their church (Kaleo S.D.) and each of their families were all bustling around serving root-beer floats, setting up photo booths, and making everything look, smell, and taste perfect for this special day.
Apart from the real beauty of the day (the testimony of sincerity and graciousness), Jolene’s choices for the ceremony and reception location, the colors, and the different and unique style of the event were a delight to be around and especially to photograph. She has a wonderful eye for antiques, for color, for class, for country, and for sentiment. And she put all of those styles and feelings into a gorgeous bouquet-so to speak- for her wedding day.
I certainly hope that I was able to capture the vision she had and created herself (with Juan included!) for such a memorable summer afternoon.

Jolene had this banner made by taking photographs of her and Juan’s wedding garb shaped into the letters spelling
SO creative and cute

sparkling juice… for those concerned.


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