“Travises & Rosalies” *two rings*

Travises & Rosalies!
Travis and Rosalie (or Trasvises & Rosalies as I and my family call them) are dear friends to me and many of my siblings, because they came into our lives when at the precious time when Travis gave my brother Luke (lukasvandyke.com) permission to date, and eventually marry his sister, Suzy (Suzal.com). Travis and Rosalie were dating at the same time my brother and Travis’s sister were dating, so they have had a very sweet relation for many reasons along with their commonality in that way, and those who are dear to my family, are dear to me.
The wedding day itself was absolutely unique and beautiful. As I made the drive down to New Port beach I was a little nervous about the dark clouds above me for over an hour, but within the last 15 minutes of my drive, the sky opened up and a beautiful sunshine peaked in and out throughout the rest of the evening.
Travis’s family (my sister-in-law’s family) are always a total blast to be around. Goofy personalities, and overwhelmingly caring attitudes filled their little River Boat chapel to the brim with enjoyment.
Travis & Rosalies, congratulations! It was an enormous blessing for me to be a part of this day.

(I tag-teamed with my sister-in-law to produce these photos, and gave her the choice of which photos to load to the blog. So these are some of the special moments that she favored, and edited for me to upload for her brother)

This is one of my favorites from the day (as odd as that may seem- I love the contrast of the wedding party coming to head with the surfing party… =D )

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