Joey & John *Two Rings*

What a wonderful day! This is climbing up on my scales as one of my favorite weddings yet. Joey and John were super great to work with, and styled their wedding in a way that fit my photography style and taste nicely. There were a thousand special and unique moments in their day that I wish I could write about, but I am mostly just eager to show off the photos.
With lots of laughter, tons of love, and great light 😉 : Joey and John:

I loved shooting with John and his groomsmen- they were hilarious the whole time. Most of all, I just loved how they grabbed the goofy ideas I gave then for photos and ran with them! They made John smile a lot, and turned the photos into great memories. I think this one below is one of my favorites- I remember looking through my camera and seeing some of the guys holding these huge rocks and I just cracked up laughing. Thanks for the fun guys.

I have this thing… for people who wear hats on sunny Saturday afternoon weddings. I just LOVE them! ☺

The reason I put these up is because I am typically kinda of board, and frankly- bad at family photos, but these families were so precious with each other, I just loved how their photos came out:

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