Patricia & Trevor *two rings*

I first got a call from Patty only three or four weeks before her wedding day, and at first, all I could hear on the other end of the phone was a bubbly and excited voice telling me how thrilled she was to have me shoot her wedding! It took me about four or five minutes before I understood that she was asking me to do her wedding! ☺
Her excitement won me over, and we made the arrangements right away from there.
Here is just a small glimpse of some of the happenings on the wedding day:

Some of the goofy fun we had while inbetween shoots…
My dear friend 😉

This was a beautiful and impressive dance to watch—one of my favorites yet… The reception started so quickly that everyone forgot to bustle Patricia’s dress, and they hadn’t realized it until they were on the dance floor feeling a little heavier than normal ☺. Patty and Trevor had never danced together before, but they executed the song beautifully—with only one small trip over the train which delighted the whole crowd with laughter. On any account, the small mistake made for a great opportunity with the pictures

corem Deo

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