Aaron & Alyssa *two rings*

Aaron and Alyssa’s wedding was a blast. All of their friends and family were relaxed and excited for them throughout the day, and Alyssa and Aaron themselves were nothing but joy and anticipation for the events they had so long waited for.
Not only did Alyssa and her Mom plan the day superbly, and not only was the company a joy to be around, but the day was particularly delightful for me because I got to bring my boyfriend along as my second shooter. Tommy and Aaron had fun racing Alyssa and I around the golf course on golf carts, and the laughter they created for us made our time in the sun nothing but enjoyable.

There have been a few moments in my time as a wedding photographer where I have been particularly struck by a singularly significant moment in the day. It doesn’t happen at all weddings, but when it does, my whole perspective is enlightened, and with a tear in my eye the moment is frozen for me for a lifetime. I got to enjoy one of those moments at this wedding.
Alyssa had walked down the aisle and Aaron couldn’t keep his eye off of her. She was given away by her parents, and before she and Aaron took their place at the alter, a song was played. Alyssa was holding Aaron’s arm tight. And while she did so, I enjoyed watching her in her excitement looking up at Aaron a few times. Without Aaron returning her glances, she looked over at her singer toward the end of the song.
The song was about God’s continuing and magnificent grace, and in the last line of the song, where God’s grace was being lifted in high climax, Alyssa’s joy climaxed as well. Her smile widened, and her eyes sparkled more than they had the whole day. I couldn’t tell if she had an added tear in her smile, or if the glistening was from my own, but I cherished that moment; it brought me into the brilliant glory of God’s joy, and it gave me a song to carry until my own wedding day—whenever that may be.
The rest of the ceremony was also immensely God honoring, and Alyssa and Aaron seemed to soak up every moment and return their joy to the glory of their Joy-Giver.
I am very impressed, and very excited to share in the celebration of this day.


At most weddings, once dinner starts, there is a break for the photographer for about a half hour until the next events begin. This being true, I double checked with the DJ’s schedule of the evening, and took the chance to race out and highjack a golf cart with Tommy. The cart…guards, were already storing away the carts for the evening, but I just brought my camera out and told them that I (we) wanted to get some shots of the sunset for the bride (which was absolutely true! With a mix of anticipated adventures behind my words as well).
Tommy and I raced around the course, saw a few sights, took some photos of the sun over the greens and… of ourselves… and got back to our dinner table only seconds after our plates were served. It’s the small adventures like these that teach me how to smile—and enjoy the freedom of laughter.


It’s always fun for me to have my boyfriend come along with me to my photography milieu, and particularly so because he takes some good photographs for me! Below are a few shots of his that I enjoyed. (Take notice to how his attentions is most often, and quickly arrested toward the lights of theology—where his heart is most excited.).

I hope you enjoy these memories as much as I am!

One thought on “Aaron & Alyssa *two rings*

  1. Cassia, You really did an amazing job of capturing the day! Beautiful shots ….can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you for giving us lasting pictures of an incredibly blessed day!

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