Ryan & Lindsay *Two Rings*

I have had the privilege to share a very unique “wedding relationship” with Ryan and Lindsay, since I have been getting to know them for nearly two years now. Lindsay got a hold of me (I don’t even think I remember how?) almost two years ago just after she was engaged, and started to plan her wedding right away. I shot their engagement photos last December, and shot their wedding just before I left for Israel.
I decided that I really love having the opportunity to know the couples whose wedding I photograph for a long period of time, because it makes everyone super comfortable with each other on that nerve-wracking wedding day, and it makes the memories richer because of the friendships that are formed out of it, and last through it.
Lindsay was one of the most organized and prepared brides that I have ever met. She started her planning early, and she prepared every detail very thoroughly – which made everything run SO smooth. The location that she and Ryan chose at Occidental college was GORGEOUS, the weather couldn’t have been better, and (at least from my perception) the day couldn’t have run smoother.
I really appreciated that she and Ryan allowed us to schedule a good amount of time for the portraits before the ceremony because there were SO many places around the campus that were stunning—I didn’t want to leave anything out.
My best wishes for you two! I look forward to meeting up with you again soon when I return to the states!

I loved that Ryan and Lindsay had decided to literally “Tie the Knott” as a part of their ceremony service! It was definitely a hit for the guests, and I’m sure will be a run decoration to have around their house for years to come!

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