Memories of Watching Love Work… Ben & Emily *Two Rings*

Ben and Emily,
Where do I begin?…
I love these people, and I know I’m not the only one ☺…
The celebration of this union in Christ through marriage carried more symbols and expressions of love (for not only Ben and Emily, but for their whole family) than many celebrations I have ever been to. The theme(s) of the day?: Service, selflessness, joy, giving…I could go on.
Every single person I encountered in the processes of making this day happen (even months prior) were completely motivated and joyful, with passionate thankfulness to God for His faithfulness and overwhelming love—a faithfulness and love that these two families had put on display and lived out openly.
That is what made this day so beautiful, so special, and so rich. It was a true picture of how God’s love is manifest in people’s lives, and how the body of Christ can thrive off of that love by caring for each other, and serving each other in times of difficulty, and in times of great joy.

I have known Emily for a few years now, first as an acquaintance and then as a friend, and have thoroughly enjoyed watching her live out her faith and her talents for God’s great glory. Emily’s Mom has also been an enormous gem in my life as she has pointed me to God’s prevailing truth time and time again, and has held me to uphold righteousness when it was the last thing I would think or prefer to do.

It was a great joy for me to witness and capture the bright love and expression of this day in the eyes of those who love and honor my God with exuberance.

I hope these photos display that brilliant,


Ben, with great ease and delicacy placed Emily up in the tree for these photos: We all agreed that she absolutely looked like an angelic fairy in the sunlight.

Emily’s dad commences the services (along with a long-time family friend / pastor) the service was full of passion—humorously, romantically, and spiritually. This is one of the moments when Emily couldn’t help but glance at her Mom (The Matron of Honor) in expression over one of her Dad’s humorous and likely embarrassing comments.

A sweet moment in the Father-Daughter Dance and…

Reminiscing the sweet childhood memories of a daughter’s love to her father.

One thought on “Memories of Watching Love Work… Ben & Emily *Two Rings*

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL!! I like ALL of them….the “tree” ones ARE spectacular!!!
    I also am especially amazed at the personal candid ones of her glancing at her Mom and how you snuck a cool pic of her little feet on her Dad’s while they were dancing!! Those are very special and add sooooo much to the intimacy of the day!!

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