Dear You

I’m back.

My dear blog friends, I hurt to recount the days since I have last updated my blog with images that delight you, or words that inspire you. This refrain has come by the force of many different winds, and many changing seasons, but I am delighted now to stand before you (in a blogging way..?) with a new confidence, a fresh breath of life, and many exciting perspectives and angles in life that I have captured while being away.

Currently, I am sitting in my tiny dorm room in Israel at a Kitbutz called Yad Hash Mona (“In remembrance of the 8″). It is a small Israel community originally established and organized by 8 Finish Christians over 50 years ago. It is now a flourishing site of excited Christians that houses the IBEX (Israel Bible Extention Program – through The Master’s College) campus, and is kept up by a couple dozen Christian volunteers from literally EVERY corner of the earth.

“Uh…why?” you may ask – and I reply – “Uh… what else would I be doing?” ☺. I have chosen to spend my last semester of my college career in another country! And what better place, and for what better reason than to study the physical realities of our great and glorious Savior, Jesus Christ in the land that He had elected before time and for a people He had predestined before time FOR SALVATION, and for His highest glory to be revealed to the physical eyes of man. So here I am ☺

I hope to update some of my favorite over-seas images throughout my time here, and have many ideas that I hope will delight and inspire you.

Meanwhile, I have a LOT of catching up to do… Over the summer and fall, I shot a good few weddings as well as other shoots– none of which any of you have seen yet! So look ahead in anticipation of those upcoming images!

Send me a comment or two to let me know that you’re still with me! And I will be blessed and encouraged to continue with my passion, and capture the light of the world from my angle to share with you to the best that my heart can produce.

With much excitement,

Your friend,


My IBEX family… you have no idea the stories I could already tell about these dear people…

The City of David believe it or not… It always amazes me the different colors and shapes of even a common town in a foreign country. I love the new colors, new feelings, and new LIVES that I can see and capture in my time away.

My dear teacher – Bill =) he takes wonderful care of us like his own herd of tender lambs 😉

Jerusalem has many beautiful sites… all colored with stories and pictures of God’s enduring and miraculous grace and faithfulness.

Imagine… What neat thing it is to let the mind take in sites like these and to wonder back into history and feel the gravity of God’s eternality and majesty… coming to THIS earth, in this place… this is something that I can NOT capture for you friends!

(If you’d like to follow more closely to my trip and travels and see more detailed images of what I have been doing, become my friend on facebook and see for yourself in my most recent albums! Cassia K Van Dyke)

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