Amanda & Joel *one ring*

Amanda and Joel, I must say, when I first met them in March I fell in love with how they interacted with each other. I felt so comfortable and easy around them because they were so comfortable and easy around each other. In their long dating and engagement years they have built their lives together around the foundational hope of Christ and testify to the love and growth that that has built in their relationship with one another.
With Amanda’s sweet and gentle confidence, and Joel’s goofy—yet strong personality, I found that their images popped with the unique dynamic that they display by their personalities.

My favorite part of the day was when we went over to the fire station where Joel works to do some photos by the engines. He wanted to draw out the strength that I’m sure he sees in his bride by having her wear his fighter uniform. To both of their comical dismay, they had to endure the joking made by his coworkers who were on duty at the time—but we had a lot of fun.

Shortly after this photo was taken, some of the guys tricked Joel (the rookie on the team of course) with Amanda’s consent I might add, to pose by a silly bush cut into the shape of a fire fighter….bear, so that they could sneak up behind him and douse him with a garden hose. What kind and loving support heh? =)

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