Stacy & Ryan *two rings* (Part I)

Just the beginning…
When I opened the door to Stacy’s bridal room where she was getting ready with her many bridesmaids, I felt a calming breath of simple delightedness. There was a sincere happy anticipation, but a calming and almost reverential peace about what was about to happen that day.
My favorite part of this portion of the wedding was how all Stacy’s loving bridesmaids just adored ON her-if you understand my meaning- as each of them were hands in to help her into her dress, and then admiring her as the most beloved and beautiful bride they had ever seen =). Each of them added a different flavor of delight and pleasant humor to her wedding morning- which made for a wonderful start to a immensely blessed and rich celebration…

Right before I took the bride to meet Ryan at their private moment location 20 minutes away, Stacy got a chance to see and be with her Dad for a moment. I have a photo of his face the first time he opens and turns around the door to see her, but I thought this image beautifully captured the tenderness of their moments together as Daddy and his only little girl on her wedding day. There were many battled, and unforgettable tears in the room.

The next post will be with more images of the couple and the rest of their day and celebrations together. I have so much to say about Stacy and Ryan as I got to watch a little bit of their lives at TMC, but here is just one more teaser of what’s to come:

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