[R:] set 4 >monday<

Last day of Resolved came up like a storm. This year –more then ever— I was shocked at how quickly the time had gone by. Maybe it was the enjoyment and uplifting thrill of every moment of worship and Scriptural insight and passion, or the busyness of photographing… I’m sure it was just a mix of many things, but when the morning came, I could hardly believe it.
I suppose this stirred some sense of rush and exhilaration the pushed me to capture many of my favorite photos of the weekend— which is why this is ending up to be the largest post of the four. If you’re sick of Resolved photos by now… I don’t blame you. But I do think you will enjoy these.
Monday was a culmination of many spiritual and experiential tides for me. I had to learn many well-needed lessons the first three days in order to reach the place of enjoyment that I did come Monday. One of which was thinking through and discipling myself in what was described to me as the great “danger” of being a photographer. Huh, I find it quite ironic— helpfully ironic really— to now think that it wasn’t until I came to these realizations that I was able to capture the images that the Lord allowed me to.
In the flash of events like these—as a photographer—it’s easy to… I guess for sake of simplicity— you can call it becoming a Martha—missing the Spirit and the true value of the immediate season in the worry of the work. The reason I found these images to be so ironic is because it was in the light and lifting power of the spirit that they were captured!
The lesson I learn—if not only for this one—was that all things are richer, stronger, and more vibrant in beauty when the Spirit of glory and holiness of God and His Word infuse the mind and experience of all moments in life. “Obviously”—maybe, but this was a more complex and disciplining lesson for me during this season.
Last year, Resolved 2008, the most lasting lesson that I learned (among other things) was that all things are beautiful, all things are bright, all things are rich, humorous, pleasant and lovely because God is beautiful-bright-rich… so in all these experiences and delights, God is learned and better know. Life in these aspects will be well lived when God is seen and learned from and through them.
Now this year, the bounds were broken and whole new categories were created for me to see the glory and delight of God— to see the beauty of life and our Savior through the sin and ugliness of our world! Thank you John Piper! What a richer and fuller life in knowledge, truth, and experience if I could only see the greatest and most beautiful glory of our God from how He can use the evil and corruption of this life to produce the shining light of forgiveness, salvation, and beauty of His character and full nature.
All to say, Monday was the light of the weekend for me. The spirit turned my ears to learn and grow from each speaker in truth and light of holiness and glory…
Of which Enfield (the band) played a great part- so you’ll see MANY images of my delight in their service.

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