Resolved Conference [R:] set 1 >friday<

There’s so much I need to say…

The following images are the start of Resolved Conference weekend just a few short weekends ago- Friday night.
This conference was very different for me from the many previous I have had the privilege of being a part of. I experienced and lived many new lessons (not necessarily regarding the speakers-naturally), definitely new challenges, and no doubt- unfamiliar levels of experiential and soul delight- life.
I hope to share my heart more on these aspects of weekend as I go through the different days of the conference.
Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the first evening for shortage of time.

I know-for those of you who check regularly-you have come up very disappointed with my lack of updates. Well, this has been an intense summer…year. In short… thank you for your prayers…

All to say, stay tuned for the following:

Resolve: Saturday, Sunday, & Monday
Woman’s Spring Event- Conference
Gabrielle- Senior
Bree- Senior
Shelly & Aaron- 1 Ring
…and Definitely more 😉

I was having fun capturing the energy of the action of the finely skilled camera guys 😉

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