[R:] set 2 >saturday<

Resolved day 2:

Saturday’s hype is always a thrill to be around. The crowds are thrilled to be there and you can see on everyone’s face the fever of spiritual hunger. One of my favorite parts of shooting the conference is when I stand in the lobby to shoot candids of everyone waiting for the doors to open. It makes my day when people look into the camera from across the room to make a funny face or to wave to the camera.

I feed off the energy and excitement of groups and individuals who know how to laugh and relax in even uncomfortable and confining areas and schedules. Here’s your hint for the year- If you want to be in my candid section of resolved photos next year, here’s all you have to do: Smile…&/or laugh. I usually stand with my back against the greatest light source in the room and screen the room for all the people who are DELIGHTING in light ☺. I call it “smile hunting”- it will make my day to see you enjoying the precious air of life and laughter, and you will most likely be on my blog 😉 (that is…if you want to be?)

Speaking of enjoying life… to it’s fullest- Enfield.
Saturday night was the Enfield concert. I was up and down, and in the front and back during different times of the concert, but I can say that for their last song or two I was completely captivated by the overflowing energy, and elation of each band member as they worshipped with every lively pore of their souls.

A highlight for me-not only for Saturday alone, but for the ENTIRE weekend- was watching David, Ryan, and Paul play off each other during the end of their performance. I tried to capture just a little bit of the passion and fun that they were having with each other, but I have to say- there was nothing liking seeing the thrill and smiles on their faces that night.

Alright enough… enjoy.

(Sunday and Monday will be posted in as few days as possible… we’ll see)

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