Ben & Emily 1 Ring

Dear friends,
It has been a long time…
I have pages and pages of blog material about this world and life that I have experienced and learned just waiting to be released and expressed through the simple characters of type… as well as hard drives filled with images that are awaiting the world..(wide web 😉 ). Well, all in progress! Don’t loose hope in me… the cages of what has been captured cannot be contained…

First release:

Ben and Emily… are hilarious.
As you will see, Ben is pretty… strong… and Emily =) adorably dainty (not to say she couldn’t get a job done if of need!)
When I first met Ben and Em at Santa Monica (a favorite date place of theirs during their dating days) the first thing I told them (after we found each other amidst the multitude of people) was that they were to consider our time together as a date- to have as much fun as possible and to just enjoy each other to the max. As soon as I said this, their seemingly tightened shoulders dropped, they looked at each other, smiled, and with a sigh- just giggle a little… I found out that my request of them would not be a challenge at all! Much of the time we had to redo many shots because I would just start laughing at what Ben was able to do with Emily… acrobatically! He just playa with her like a… doll! And Emily soaked it all in with a sweet smile that my camera seemed to love.
These two are going to be an incredibly God-honor duo in their marriage. Their love and affection for each other is only exemplified by their intense motivations in all that they do to love and serve of Lord. I greatly look up to you two!

I was faced with many new challenges on this location that I have not played with before… I went through a lot of discs, but learned a lot, and am pleased with the out come. The busy, bright, colorful pier suited Ben and Emily’s dynamic well… let me know what you think.

It was a warm day, so I thought it would be fun to get some images of Ben and Emily enjoying a common-pier experience- ice cream! I hadn’t done this before… I forgot to tell them… not to… eat it right away! I grabbed a few shots and all of a sudden it was gone! =D Mmmm =)

little experimentation…

So… once I started going through these images (about a week or so after we shot them) I came across this image… honestly, could not figure out…where I… was when I my camera captured this? Cause… I don’t remember being… anyway… Ben helped remind me today…

My camera must have snuck out of my bag to get some of these… cause I don’t remember this being such a dangerous day!

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