of Christ & coffee…

In a moment of conversation, with one of those friends who you wonder what you would do without and how you even ever found in the first place, I heard the phrase, “I love the Lord so much” come out of my mouth. This surprised me—surprisingly. I meant it! With all of my heart—that’s why I said it… but I realized in disappointment that I do not really hear that phrase on common occasions. I assume this is because it’s…assumed? What Christian doesn’t “love the Lord so much”? That comes with salvation right?… I am humbly, humbly learning that this assumption has kept me from great levels of dependence and honesty in the Lord.
Grace from God and love from man are not spiritual parallels. God has given His redeemed an incomprehensible quantity of grace—boundless and unending— and an immeasurable supply of love—perfect and concentrated, but this does not mean that we, the redeemed, have reciprocated these measures of love in return to God simply because such divine graces were attributed to us. I don’t know what else to say about this… These are very “obvious” Christian truths simply re-inspired to me through the persistent care of those well-needed conversations, a day of conviction, and a mind stimulating coffee—Gande-half/caf-with room.
In this growing perspective of what I am relearning to believe, I have come to change my angles of vision toward the Lord… my prayer is that I come to find myself smaller, and my God bigger, my expression greater, and fears weaker, my flesh colder, my heart warmer, and Christianity realer.
Give your mind a cooling eclipse of new perspective of your God. Change your angle. Climb a tree. Drink some coffee and laugh with God over the fact that He invented that wonderful feeling inside of you… do you have room in your theological attaché for that?

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