Ryan & Stacy One*Ring

Long before I actually met Ryan and Stacy, I had—in my own mind—voted them as the “cutest couple on Master’s campus.” I would be surprised if many people disagreed with me this.
These two individuals have far-past impressed me with their devotion to Christ and high standards of academic, and athletic integrity and dedication. Both Stacy and Ryan are excellent basketball star’s at The Master’s College, and have just this week been granted the All American Basketball award in their leagues! (? I’m not sure what the official title of this award is?). And if I’m not mistaken, I believe they are the first couple to receive the award together! Just fabulous =)
On court and off, Stacy and Ryan conduct the manner of their lives with outstanding integrity, class, and balance. Even though they show exceptional passion on the court, they also enjoy the quiet and serene parts of life such as a small town, and a remote countryside… which is the side of them I tried to capture the most.
Stacy—Ryan—you two are beautiful! I had a TON of fun hanging out with you…despite the ants… and cannot wait for that beautiful, and fast-approaching day!

So… in this shot I had decided to climb way up in this big beautiful tree!… but it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was completely swarming with vicious, black, man-eating ants! Just talking about it makes me tingle and twitch! I got one foot on the tree and my jeans were swarming with the little beasts! Thankfully… Their bites created no harm, and I have not felt any repercussions since =)

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