A personal thought on thermometers and scarfs

I give you a thought for today, through the experience of… a time.
Enjoy the seasons. Yes- take my cliché and let it either breeze past you delightfully or pound you on the head; either way, I am please to share with you a personal lesson of recent.
If you are at all like me- my common prayer for those in my immediate milieu is that you are not- you are happy when the summer starts a little sooner, and lasts a little longer. You love the warmth, comfort and ease of an even and predictable heat. There’s nothing wrong with this. The Lord has designed many different people to be very different in these areas of preference. For the purpose of my following analogy, I will reason to say that this preference is likened unto every individual’s personality and person as a whole. There are summer people. There are winter people, and every combination in between.
What I hope to convey in this brief ellipse of joyful conviction is this: Enjoy every aspect of the differing seasons at the first moment that the changing wind touches your face.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 (you all know it) tells us that there is a special and unique time for everything in life— emotionally, spiritually, socially, and materially. The problem here—at least for me—is the skewed idea that these are all options of turning times (or seasons) and arenas of life that each individual can choose from when it seems most appropriate. Which, in certain perspectives, is very accurate. But what if in contrast to this perspective we were to change to a different angle in order to see that these seasons will come, and that—just like the natural seasons of the planet—they will bring both surprise, and delight.
Friends, don’t try to stay in the summer. The more you crave and need that comfortable air, the greater your thermometer of discontentment will rise inside of you.
I give this to you because it has been given to me by a myriad (exaggeration-ish) of God-given hearts and tongues in the period of just a few short… long weeks. If you’re a summer individual, and a blistery gust of winter air cuts your face, think of this: this is the time for that cutting air to be around you! Take it! Honestly, you never know if you will ever be able to feel that again in all of your life! It is SO precious to just enjoy these things!
I am fully aware that all of you have heard this dozens and dozens of times in your lifetime, so I feel weak and inferior to repeat it for you, yet again. So then, at least just take this thought to praise the Lord with me if you do not feel inclined to adopt what has not been conceived yet in your heart—although I pray that the Lord gives you the delight of such a heart transformation.
If you are young and have little liberty- create the best possible memories of being young without little liberty POSSIBLE. You may never feel that breeze again, and frankly, you’re missing it.
If you’re in school and have to stay up until 5am to finish a presentation project- take those grinding and aching feelings of fatigue and weariness and don’t forget them! They will be memories of college (or high school) moments that you will never forget! Make them the BEST grinding and aching feelings of 5am fatigue that you could ever have! Laugh at them! You KNOW that they will pass quickly! And as much as that is a hope of relief, it is also a reminder that you have the opportunity to enjoy those feelings.
I am having difficulty explaining this I’m afraid. Because seriously… who can honestly say that they enjoy the painful parts of life? All I know, is that when you live in a land of summer, and you suddenly go to a place of cold, icy snow for just a few hours—IT’S GREAT! It goes by SO fast, but it’s there, and it’s cold, and it’s unforgettable.
If you’re poor, be poor and laugh at the tickle in knowing that it’s not a significant part of life.
If you’re “too” busy, laugh at the feeling of the rough ground and the burning muscles in your legs as you stride your days, because next time you’re on that path, it may feel entirely different, and you don’t want to miss out on learning how to run in these conditions.
If you’re lonely, laugh at that feeling of your heart spinning and spiraling inside of your making you dizzy, because you may never get to feel that again, and it’s teaching you something entirely new that you will never be able to learn from any other experience in life.

My conviction:
Life can be fun. James 1 is right- consider it ALL joy when you enter into various trials!
Have FUN! Enjoy the snow!
Collect the colored leaves of the Fall as they blow by.
Splash in the mud of Spring’s gush.
Build a snow man.

This is only possible with the awe-striking and hysterical grace of our sweet and fearful God. I can only say hysterical because such grace makes my jaw drop in laughter to try to come up with a reason why God would allow so much joy and hope for such an incredulous and hopeless creature like me. He has given us a perfect hope in Him through His plan of faith in Christ- our redeemer. And has gone as far to say that we can enjoy our trials. So I mean to do so.
I look forward to the changing seasons, because it means new lessons and new tools that will allow me to enjoy the next seasons EVEN more. If through ingenuity and contentment you gain a shovel to dig in the sand during a hot, cloudless day in the summer, then use your shovel in the snow when the seasons change to build a snowman (for they will change). From that you may gain a scarf and a carrot (from the nose) if you are brave enough to use your hands in the cold. With your scarf you can make a kite for the windy Fall season—what fuN!
These are silly illustrations, but allow them to make you laugh. Because life is enjoyable, the more you learn and take away from each season that you may not prefer, the more you will enjoy the next…and the next… and the next…and the next…

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