Class Ring * 2009

It was impossible… inevitable… “InconCEIvable” for these photos to NOT turn out- Christina you are too beautiful. 😉
I felt like my camera just knew what to do with her. Sometime it just gets away from me when there’s such an attracting subject to focus its attention on.
No, with all seriousness, Christina is a girl that you want to know (boys, stay clear- I believe she’s taken). She is full of energy, passion, grace, and everlasting- loving devotion to Christ. We had so much fun spending this small amount of time together; I greatly look forward to seeing her more often! (Lord willing!)
Can’t wait to see you and your family again friend!
Enjoy and consume the last few moments of your unforgettable high school years.

Specially taken for the traditionally inclined

Christina has been a faithful, and hard working runner on her high school track team, and hopes to run on Master’s cross country team if the Lord allows

I can’t wait!

One thought on “Class Ring * 2009

  1. uhm… gimme a second to stop CRYING! SIA THESE ARE UNREAL!!!!! I was like, “Ooh that’s my – No, that one’s my favorite!”

    I LOVE the one where she’s staring at the TMC sign and the one with her up against the fence is like BAM!!!! haha… wowzerz

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