Brent & Hayley two-rings

Brent and Hayley were one of the most fun, and relaxed couples I have bet. Both of them were totally lit up, excited, and surprisingly relaxed for their big day. Even while tiny things here and there were popping up to distract or disrupt their plans, they allowed nothing to steal the joy that they had soundly fastened on the Lord Jesus Christ, and on His marvelous blessings and graces for them that day.
The wedding was held in the city of Pasadena, which was a GREAT joy to me! Pasadena is dear to my heart simply because of the character that it holds and the beauty that is displays on nearly every street and around every corner. Even though the wedding was not very close to Old Town Pasadena, we were still able to find some great spots within the immediate few blocks of where we were.
Thank you Hayley and Brent for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day! It was a true joy for me to see your hearts of joy lifted up in praise to the Lord through your love for one another and for those around you.

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