I’m Back! and… Kaci Frazer

It feels so good to be back!
This past semester was a complete hurricane of busyness for me! I was totally overwhelmed, but the Lord walked me through every hour and moment and it turned out going by VERY fast. Yet, all this to say, I have been overly deficient in blogging and I am finally back. The following shoot is one of many that I am only now-after finals and holidays- getting to! Forgive me for my many delays.

Kaci Frazer is one of the most humble, serving, patient, and adorable of girls I know. I met Kaci in High School Ministry four years ago when I was a senior and she was an incoming freshmen. The thing I love most about Kaci is her consistent service and passion or Christ and God’s Word. As a freshmen, she came into Oneighty Ministry (HS group at GCC) ready to learn, grow, and feed off of leaders and shepherds who would be investing in her life. Now, as she begins her departure out of High School, she is leaving behind dozens who now look up to her for guidance, leadership, and godliness.
I look up to you so, so much Kaci, I greatly look forward to watching how the Lord will continue to work in your life as a wonderful advancement to His kingdom and in great blessing to others…

I was going for the cold wintery look in these 😉

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