Connell Family

A few weeks ago my friend and colleague, Natalie Connell, asked me to shoot a few images of her and her family while they were in town for a few days. I was able to grab just a small amount of time with them before they started heading to the airport, and it was SUCH a blast! I fell in love with the family right away. Natalie only gets to see her family about two times a year because of school and other things, so I’m sure this time with them was very special to her and the rest of the family. As far as I remember them saying, I believe it was Mom and Dad Connelle’s 25th anniversary this month! Congratulations!
Here are just a few of the unique images that I liked.

2 thoughts on “Connell Family

  1. Hey Cassia, I love your pictures! I seriously do, but I am really on here for a shameful reason. I tagged you. I know this is primarily a photography blog so you might not want to follow through, but I didn’t know who else to tag and I would love to find out 7 random facts about you! :0)

  2. Hi Sia,
    These photos are amazing and beautiful!!
    I do not know this family but they must be extremely pleased with these pictures of their visit!!

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