Mike and Becky’s Wedding

During the wedding one of Becky’s bridesmaids asked her how she new me, Becky and I looked at each other at first to think back through the years before she quickly replied to say, “Cassia was the fastest girl in AWANA.” I added in reminiscence, “We were always on the green team!” I was reminded of how long we had known each other and been friends! Though of course there were many gaps in between this length of time due to moves and such things, but none-the-less I could hardly bring myself to believe that I was standing in the very midst of her wedding day!
Becky and Mike soaked up and lived every moment of the day. They made the whole day exciting and pleasant for everyone around. It seemed as though they just made the decision to have a perfect day without letting ANYTHING or anyone shake their joy.
I had such a blast doing their wedding, being with them in their excitement, and sharing in their Christ centered memories.
Love you both, enjoy looking back!

Becky did something unique during her ceremony entrance that was very touching and memorable- as she walked down the aisle with her father she gathered a rose from each woman who had made a big impact in her life over the years. The women had received the roses prior to the ceremony and had reserved seats sporadically down the aisle rows.

2 thoughts on “Mike and Becky’s Wedding

  1. Yay! I figured out how to leave a comment!! *is happy*

    I just wanted to let you know that the pictures are amazing, you captured some incredible moments with a beautiful clarity. (I love the picture of the football and garter) Thanks again for doing it all-it means a lot that we got to have you do it, and its worth every penny-and more! *hugs*

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