Haha… this was a long time ago! But I just couldn’t give up on them-so silly. This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen… in the dog world I guess? (I’m actually not a dog person at all… but I love relationships!) That’s just weird…how embarrassing. Hahah.. Anyway, about a month ago or so the Streets were redoing their backyard fence, so while it was still under construction the little neighbor doggy thought she would try to make a new friend with little Cocoa! She just poked her little feminine head through this hole, and without a sound would look around, in either direction, looking for him- hee hee hee… It was pretty adorable. Mean old Cocoa though would only bark and nip at her- not a gentleman at all.
How lame is this…haha… but hey, it was a funny scene to observe- the love lives of doggies.

Have you ever seen more of a puppy face than this?…

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