Chris & Vivian

Chris and Vivian’s wedding was one of the most beautiful and elegant weddings I have ever been to… not only was the location gorgeous (Simi Valley/Sand Canyon Country Club), but the people were too! I was assisting my brother and we both felt like we were shooting a magazine wedding- (well, he didn’t actually say that…but I feel like he may have) everyone had big bright smiles, were having tons of fun, and were extremely “photogenic”- if there was such a thing.
This Christian couple was super gracious and sweet. I watching them demonstrate their Christ-likeness in how they treated those around them. Their godly conduct didn’t seem like it could have been any different on “their day” as it would be on any other day.
Praise the Lord for the testimony of this sweet couple on the “best day” of their lives.

…I was just waiting for the bride to arrive…checking out the lighting* =)

I can’t take much credit for this image… Lukas set it up and posed the couple, I was just there with my camera in case he needed help… I do love the shadow they create-I look forward to seeing how my brother’s composition turned out…

Chris and Vivian had prepared a beautiful Brazilian (?) dance for their first dance together. They seemed to be having a blast performing it for the excited guests =)

These are my favorites of the year I think.

Toward the end of the evening Vivian and her Mom stole the floor together and got into their Brazilian dance mode- they were so cute together…

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