Uncluttered Memories.

It’s in the small trips that… Let’s just say I love trips to San Fran.
I have been to San Francisco twice, and both times I got to walk around parts of the city for only less than a few hours. It’s in those times of rushed adventure, the quick culture-finding schemes when I find myself outside my monotonous, hamster-wheel of life and into the fascinating and quick thrills of…someone else’ monotonous, hamster wheel…? (I actually don’t have a life like that to be truthful) =D Well than, I must say still- step into a new “wheel” every now and again so that when you step back into your own you will have a new *spin, and rhythm to your own.
Here’s the story of our short trip:
We left Santa Clarity around 12:30pm…nearest starbucks was nearly 40 minutes away…where we had to much tea and had to stop shortly after for…FINALLY- “San Francisco _ _ miles”- Down to double digits! =D… by the time we were down to single-digit-“miles to”, the slower the cars in front of us decided to go…and, ironically, the colder the window breeze became…the sun was lost in the haze and by this time we were in the car for nearly six hours. So by this point our poor cameras were getting very restless and exhausted from the travel… Mine crept up to the front to look out the window, get some fresh air, and sit on my lap:

…getting over this bridge and into the city was… never mind… Our cameras were disparaging of neglect so we decided to take them for a walk around the city which they were thrilled with. Here are a few things they got to see…

…if you were to follow these people walking by you would find the hole-in-the-wall pizza place we got dinner at…”HEALTHIEST MEAL IN ALL OF SAN FRANCISCO!”…Which is exactly what I got hahaha, but not because of the sign…vegetarian pizza…least healthy all-veggie pizza I’ve ever had haha… of course brother got the “carnivore” ;)…
I must say, there’s nothing like a briskly-cold and rainy city, at dusk, swarmed with every sort of individual walking past a full coffee shop of chattering city people of every type. The business man by the window with his computer- no interest or acknowledgement of the weekEND, the hopeful musician on the patio with his guitar and friend- imagining a life of rampant fame and overwhelming busyness-all the while loving every minute and piece of his coffee house -Sisco lifestyle and culture, and than us- culture jumping photographers…taking our cameras out for a spin…oh yes, and the coffee bean ghost who stole my tall, decaf, 2 pump vanilla latte with soy right off the table-only to be replaced by the “ya know, you guys are really slow!”- barista’s for a hot chocolate by mistake… or in spite of the lady who’s too important to be polite- I think she got my latte…
Sleepy cameras and peoples made it back to San Jose in time to plug in, and unplug for a full charge for the next day…
You already saw the wedding…so the way home haha…
I got bored- ever-so-kind brother is great at making up car games…first it was counting cars! We got up to 6 (it was traffic hour), than lines, or dots on the road… the best of course was trying to capture “just one facial expression” from the cars going in the opposite directing with an 800mm lens… this is as close as I got:
and I must say I think it’s pretty good for this dumb game! I actually think he…”he” is frowning.
That game got old fast haha, so we ended up experimenting with the fisheye…

To learn from madness-
The smaller the trip, the more room there will always be for interesting memories that won’t be lost in the clutter of tourism… and yes, always bring the right company 😉

2 thoughts on “Uncluttered Memories.

  1. I liked that one with the bike too.
    You love the city just like me and for the same reasons!
    The people are so interesting and so involved in their own lives, it fascinates me!
    Plus all of the cool shops and cafes and sites, it is just all so fun and exciting. With bits of nature still appearing occassionally here and there.
    Hope you get to go to Manhatten and Central Park someday, hope I get to go with you!!

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