Aaron & Brianna

Last weekend I drove up with my brother to shoot a wedding with him in San Francisco. We had a tons of fun during the drive, which you will see in my upcoming posts, but for now here are the wedding images…

Brianna’s Dad was so tender and sweet. The whole morning he couldn’t even look at Brianna without tearing up, which made these two moments with her unforgettably precious…

The first dance was great… As many do, Aaron and Brianna, started out with a sweet slow dance, but than with the sudden switch to music from the DJ they jumped into a well-rehearsed jig together. I loved Aaron’s last glance at Brianna before they displayed themselves in such a comical way =)

This is Brianna’s Mom… She was one of the funnest and most hilarious people I have ever met. She seemed to make everything glow when she was around and her great sense of humor and an extremely contageous laugh lit up the day.

3 thoughts on “Aaron & Brianna

  1. The picture of the little girl with the bride adjusting her dress is amazing! I love it! So sweet, actually I could write an essay it is so thought provoking, I just really like it.

  2. all of the pictures are incredible. O to be so photogenic! You guys look perfect, every one of you. I hope lots and lots of people see them, they are wonderful.

  3. Brianna’s dad didn’t make it through the picture viewing without tearing up either. You captured the day and Aaron and Brianna perfectly. Woo hoo!!!

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