The Otto Family

The Otto Family,
I live around the corner from the Ottos and I just love them. The eldest daughter- Amanda- is just coming into High School (starting tomorrow!) and she will also be in the High School Bible study I will be serving at this fall. I cherish her friendship and look forward to getting to know her better and better throughout the time in our ministry. Mr. Otto is a seminary student with only one full year before graduation. He’s also one of the key men that Jay goes to for discipleship, encouragement and Spiritual disciplines.
The only grievous part of this shoot is that the images are going to be used for Mr. Otto’s resume to candidate to churches, which means they are planning to move away! =(
God willing they will be provided with a faithful and God honoring church to serve at as pastor and pastor’s family. The Ottos have hearts of strong and humble faith toward the Lord and a passion for the church and church ministry. I have been immensely blessed by being under their ministry at COC Bibles study in Crossroads, and was thrilled to spend more time with them during this shoot.

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