“RAnSomeD” 2008

Ransomed 2008.

I arrived home Saturday afternoon. Went to bed early with excitement and anticipation for the worship to continue the following morning with praise and fellowship to our great God-which it did =D
Monday morning…honestly I’m surprised my body held up as well and as long as it did!…
What a week! Summer Camp- “Ransomed”, 2008. I am very near to say that this was the greatest week of my life =) thus far. I have so much news, but I first want to recognized to you that the Lord is alive in the prayers of the faithful, and I thank you- for your faithfulness, because as Christ lived in those prayers, He did work in me, and in so many other around me.
I started the trip nervous- self aware, anticipant- and proud. I was confident in my excitement for the fun I looked forward to, but quaked in the mystery of the gentle Spirit, which I knew would have the more intrusive impact upon my being.
It was the people- anyone in view really- who inspired me toward Christ, encouraged me, and taught me humility and grace. Students- their yearning hearts, staff- their solid rock of confidence and hope, I?- weak, and ready to embrace a new strength, a new gaze, and a brand new excitement in the waiting reality of Spiritual joys.
My experience took a week to consume in time, so it would take much longer to record in letter, which is why I’m as devoted as I am to “capture”. These images do hardly any justice… mostly because God works in faith, and in hearts, rather than by sight… so ask me about it… so I can share my heart- so Christ CAN be *seen…

I wish I didn’t have to cram so many in so tiny =) But I do so to save room… =) To see more of “ransomed” 2008, (at a lower quality) see my facebook album… we can be friends ;0)…

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