O-totally-Adorable Ottos!

IIIIIIIIIIIIII’m back! =D Wow… I can’t wait to blog about Summer camp!!! Honestly… Probably one of the BEST weeks of my entire life! I’m in aw… But I’ll update you about that with the soon coming images…
This is a shoot I did just before I left for camp. The Otto kids. I love you guys! =D This is one of my favorite families =). I did this shoot upon my request because I am thinking about taking a lean/focus toward children photography. Although these kids are beautiful and ADORABLE I’m not totally pleased with how I captured them… So in light of that, I need to do a few more shoots to land what I’m looking for before I jump through with my advertising plan. SO SO… If you have adorable kids, and want a free shoot… call me =D
(Regardless to how I captured them, they are still SO adorable and I cannot TELL you how wonderful and fun they were!! (And beautiful-Amanda =) )

((some of the smaller images appear less sharp than they really are…))

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