I’m leaving today for summer camp! I’m so excited to spend an entire week with the bright and fun youth of my church, encouraging one another and urging one another on to life and godliness to the glory and praise of Christ. This week will be packed with worship, fun/games, discipleship, and amazing preaching from my very own paster- John MacArthur.
If you think to pray for us- please do! Pray that this time would NOT be a time of “spiritual highs”, romantic relationships,popularity contests, or other sinfested distractions =), but in contrast, pray that it would be a time for solid faith building, soul edifying, doctrinal learning, and life devoting realty for these young adults.
I’m so thrilled to see what the Lord is going to do over this week in my owe life (as I learn much humility), as well as the lives of all these young and spirited kids!
Pray for us!
Look for many images later =D

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