“Women Discipling Women”

What a weekend!… When I started dating my boyfriend 2.5 years ago I had no idea how highly involved in ministry and BUSY his family would be! Hahaha. Last week and the next two weeks Dr. Street has been very busy teaching eight hours a day for the SIP program (Summer Institute Program for MABC {Masters of Biblical Counseling})- why we call it “SIP” (I suggest they change the name to “GULP” Gigantic Under-suppression Learning Program, or something along those lines). All while planning two ministry conferences-one of which is displayed below.
Right along with the MABC program Dr. and Mrs. Street-three years ago-started a counseling conference for women who are interested in discipling, being discipled, and gaining greater scriptural understanding of how to be involvement in lives of people from their own home and local church at a HEART level. This conference is called Women Discipling Women (WDW). I recommend you find out more about it on their website: wdwconference.org and PLAN on coming next year! (also, the Men Discipling Men conference is coming up this weekend…look for photos of it next week.)
I was able to listen to parts of the sessions but not as thoroughly as would have been GREATLY beneficial to me. My sister on the other hand-did. I want to make a QUICK clarification about this conference that you probably won’t find on the website… This really, REALLY is UNlike any other “women’s” ministry/conference you have ever been to. As far as my sister and I have been concerned we NEVER wanted to attend any type of teaching by women, for women, or with any feminine accents because we saw them as pink, fluffy, and emotional. We assumed that they would only be for the highly domestic and flowerly ladies who weren’t willing to get their hands dirty with God’s solid doctrinal truths. Well, first of all, Grace Community Church itself does not support that kind of ministry either, but THIS CONFERENCE is so scripturally powerful that you will feel like you’re literally sitting under Charles Spergeon, and Jonathan Edward’s WIVES! These woman have a burning desire for God’s Word and they will NOT pat it down or fluff it up to fit into a woman’s mushy and emotional hearts. No, they’re going to use it to toughen up hearts until foundations of stone are built upon God’s Word, Truth, and Spirit. Hahaha so check it out =) My sister said her life was changed by these two days…
And look at how much fun it is! ☺ …

“Janie’s Husband” ☺ that’s all they need to know at a women’s conference ☺

The wonderful Summer Martin. Thanks for running the show Summer!

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