I just returned from Ohio yesterday from a trip with my boyfriend and his family to visit their old home, friends, and family. Now, California is where I call home, and where I LOVE to be, but I am very familiar with the midwest because of the eight years I spent living in Wisconsin.
I didn’t know how much I have missed the countryside. For many years I lived on a farm with my family and spent many, many hours exploring and enjoying the fields and open, empty, quiet, peaceful, and beautiful landscapes. As we drove from place to place throughout the counties between the Dayton and Cincinnati areas I found myself being fondly drawn toward such hills and fields again. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to wonder aimlessly through the fields like I may have wanted to, or been used to, but I did make sure I found time to capture a few reminiscent images for my memory.
One of my most favorite memories from Wisconsin was spending time alone -and even better, with my siblings- in the warm summer rains.
I hope these attract the same soft feelings for you…

2 thoughts on “Ohio

  1. I LOVE these pictures…so peaceful and free of busy busy LA type things 🙂 Also love the pictures of Mel and the umbrella – adorable!

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