Last weekend I had the privilege to attend and help photograph the worldwide Christian Resolved conference, hosted by leadership from my home church-Grace Community.

This year’s Resolved conference blew all other years out of the water. The speakers were perfectly in sync as they presented God’s Word in a thorough and powerful way, and the Enfield band preformed with such passion, skill and focus that it seemed as they lead us to the very courts of Heaven itself.

I was so blessed in helping to capture this event! As I was listening, and working, two things profoundly stood out to me that have caused me to change my philosophy in photography, and brighten my gaze toward my beautiful God: All things that are enjoyed on this earth are enjoyed because their design is founded in the nature of God. As we I (we) enjoy beauty, design, creativity, relationships and so many other gifts from His hand, I can actually grow in my knowledge, love, and devotion to my heavenly Father. Not only am I excited to apply this truth to my everyday life, but in particular I am excited to apply this truth to my photography. Seeing life through the lens of a camera has taught me to observe and enjoy the world’s light in a much more beautiful way than I could have imagined. As I observe, learn, and capture these God given delights, I can grow in my relationship with God, and there is nothing more satisfying, enjoyable, or life sustaining as a growing relationship with the God and Savior of this world. (That’s an understatement!)…

One thought on “[R:]esolved

  1. Great pics! You really capture (haha) how intense and wonderful the weekend was! I look forward to seeing more of your work and hearing more of your heart. Follow Christ.

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